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Better tips to kiss an escort

16 march 2017 One day when i was with an female escort, she gave me some great tips to kiss any female partner. Every men love to kiss a stunning female partner. But the things is that you should know that how a female like the way to kissed by you. You should also aware of these techniques. Yeah, it seems more difficult to satisfy a female partner but it is not so. Use some techniques to satisfy her and help her to reach orgasm. Every man should aware about these things and really if you want to give sexual pleasure to your partner then you should hold the control in your hand during intimacy and keep herself priority first.

Yeah, it is true that i feel terrific enjoyment while kissing a women but sometimes my female partner does not like to be kissed by me. One day, i hired an escort to spent some time and i put all these things in front of her. You did not even imagine, she said in a very polite way that dont worry i will help you. I will give you some tips to kiss a female partner. After that you will never such type of problem. She told me,‘i am using some unknown way to kiss the female partner and i can use these ways with some appropriate method to satisfy my female partners’. These method will generate a new sensation in female and definitely she will like it.

Although one of my female partner also has given me the advice to use some appropriate method  , however i have no concept to kiss the girl in best ways and that is why i broke with my girlfriend. After that i met the escort and go on date with her. When i dated with her i was expecting a wonderful sensation from her side. But i failed, i never expect that an escort will teach me how to kiss a girl.

In fact, when i was with her she inquired about my girlfriend. I told her frankly about my girlfriends that she never like to be kissed by me. Even she told me obtain new method to kiss girl but i always failed to satisfy her. After that i likewise share my efforts what i have discovered to do a sensational kiss with her. However none of them efforts are valuable for me because i was not able satisfy my partner. How disgusting that i was really disappointed with me.

But when the escort i hired, heard all these things she informed me that she can help me out to sort all these issues regarding kisses and all sexual acts. She taught me some much better method to kiss a girl and really when i compared these methods with mine. I found my methods were very boring and nonsense.

Now i knew all the techniques to impress a female and fully confident that i can reach her to orgasm. You know even she teach me many other things also like-

Some tips to impress a female

You should be very confident in front of any female. No one will believe that if i said that i can attract any female either she is very hot or kinky. I can spend time with the girl i want. I know that many of you are thinking that i am fool but it is not that so. There are certain qualities that you should develop in you to impress a girl.

You know the best factor to impress a kinky girl is your confidence in front of her. So you should  always be confident in yourself. The next thing is independency, women like independent boy. I think there is no need to tell you the meaning of independency. The last thing is sexy appearance and smart look. After some time your nature comes in your relationship and your look always remain the first thing in your relationship.

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We, chocolatyangels are the best way to spice up your life to get a meaningful life. People who are troubling with some emotional baggages in their life need a sexy female companionship with which they can share their feelings. Our escorts of Chennai help them to overcome their problems.

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