Sex Economy of India

Escort Economy in India [Behind the scenes]

Indian Government has banned around 200 escort’s website in India last week. After this strict move of government, owner of escorts sites are in loss of 90% revenue as they have earned around 2 lakh per day that comes to 15000 per day. On this Topic, Sunday times speak with an owner of an agency to know that how modern technologies is handling the world’s old profession.

We found that the English speaking men is an owner of one of the 235 site which central government has banned. He was very upset as he is in great loss but still he is ready to speak about it, perhaps he does not says more and do not want to be named in this case.

Reason to Ban Adult Websites including escorts websites

Someone from IT departments and says that if you blocked a domain then it will pop up in some other way.  He does not understand the logic why the central government has blocked these sites as he was doing this business since past 5 years. Escort Agency owner also ask an important question that why few website are blocked in some cities why not in others?

Escorts Business Scenes behind Indian economyOnline dating woman

Mumbai is a very small city in compared to Delhi in terms of area. As far as the escort’s economy goes, Mumbai gives 10 crores a day while Delhi gives 50 crores. We cannot say that the business of escort service is legal or illegal in India because website of escorts are hidden behinds some words like companies and friendship, on which police cannot arrest them. These website describe all the services which is not a crime.

He said about the escorts that the escorts are not a criminal and they are not any crime because in India, a girl has the rights to gift her body to anyone she want. She can go with you anywhere in day as well as in night only when she want. Beside that the VIPs want a hot and sexy female companionship that ends with sex; VIPs also prefer only chat with them.  Escorts are mostly high class models and actresses and they earn only around 2000 rupees a day in a shoot while they are earning 20000 to 30000 per day as they are giving escorts service to their customers. This business helps them to maintain their high class lifestyle, buy clothes and have fun at different high class parties and occasions, says by the owner.