Why sex is important ?

Sex is something that makes you feel alive with so many good thoughts in you. When you do sex, you totally feel that you are enjoying your life within. So when people say they don’t does sex that state that they are not having enjoyable life. So this is something that really makes you fresh and lively. In India many people have different sorts of mentalities regarding sex. They feel if you do it before marriage you could become the person with whom no one would marry so that is some kind of taboos in their mindsets. Many doctors has advised that at the certain age you need this thing to be happen and sex makes your relationship more stronger than anything else could do this. So when your girlfriend asks about the sex then do not try to run away from the situation but try to find the better solution for doing the sex. That is why your body needs this and you want to do the same on the same page. So many relationships stand on this verge and you cannot deny this. So these feelings make you to do better in your bed and you suddenly get wilder in bed. That thing says that you can do better in terms of satisfying and allows you do go wilder and wilder. So culture has been changing and one night stand just became a point where you do sex with the person on the sudden bases and there are no emotional attachments into this. So people are happily following these trends and making western culture the part of their lives. So you can have this life on one time so it is totally up to you whether you want to have happy life or a same life where you are living on the same verge and there is no entertainment there.